Yarm BotoxSmooth Out Foreheads & Temples

All the treatments that our forehead filler clinic in Yarm offers are a solution for ageing. As we age, the loss of muscle and fat pads creates hollows, light and shadow, the tell tale signs of ageing.

Often, we are asked to correct some cheeks, or tighten a jawline, however it is also important not to overlook other signs of ageing such as the temple or forehead. These areas are giveaways to ageing and overlooked by the majority of patients, who could benefit from a specialist Botox or filler clinic in Yarm.

Yarm Botox equivalent treatments to make your forehead smoother & more youthful

A smooth convex forehead and filled out temples create a picture of youth from all angles. Our Botox-like forehead fillers can achieve this at our Yarm clinic, and give an instant boost to your appearance.

Speak to Dr Wass in Yarm regarding these forehead injection procedures, as they are often carried out in conjunction with other areas to be rejuvenated.

Note: we don't use fillers branded "Botox", but our fillers our made of identical compounds.

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What to expect from Yarm Botox filler procedures

Botox and similar filler treatments are advanced procedures and should only be carried out by an experienced filler or Botox injector in Yarm. Proper training ensures we are well aware of the potential risks and understand the anatomy of these areas, in order to create a safe and effective result.

The Botox equivalent forehead filling procedure involves injecting filler into the desired area, which restores volume and and smooths lines.

How long does a forehead filler or Botox last?

The effects of forehead fillers are seen immediately and can last up to 18 months.

The treatment can take up to 60 minutes when carried out at our Yarm location.

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Other cosmetic treatments available in Yarm

Beyond our Botox equivalent forehead filler injections, Dr Wass provides a range of cutting-edge, holistic anti-ageing and skin health services at our Yarm location.

Here are some some of our most popular treatments in Yarm:

Reviews of our Yarm Botox Equivalent Forehead Fillers & Cosmetic Treatments

Miss D

My skin has changed ten fold, my pigmentation is hardly noticeable to what it was, I cant believe the difference.

Miss D
Treatment:Vitamin C, Glutathione & ZO Skin Care

Miss P

I just wanted to say thank you again, I still feel amazing, Ive got far less brain fog and my skin looks amazing.

Miss P
Treatment:Glutathione & Vitamin C Drip

Miss W

My eyes are amazing, I don’t need to use anywhere near as much concealer as before, its been almost 6 months and still so good, thank you.

Miss W
Treatment:Tear Troughs

Miss S

Thank you for the new face, I’m feeling better than I’ve done for a long time.

Miss S
Treatment:Full Face Rejuvenation

Mrs R

My wrinkles on forehead and frown lines are much better and hardly visible, thank you.

Mrs R
Treatment:Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Mrs K

I’m still in shock how well the treatment has worked in such a short space of time. I have waited so long for a treatment that would work and now thanks to you, I’m so happy I went ahead with it, thank you.

Mrs K
Treatment:Profhilo & filler to neck

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